Something is emerging, a new paradigm of thought and action, that is transforming business, education, psychology, medicine, and, yes, even law.  For many of us, the old ways of doing things just don’t fit any more.

We are creating a network of lawyers who are hearing the call of the new ways.  We are inventing new models, adapting old ones, and finding ways to practice law that align with our values and purposes.

Maybe you’re a fan of integral theory, or Reinventing Organizations, or Spiral Dynamics, or the study of consciousness.   Maybe you’re a lawyer who just doesn’t quite fit into the old mold and you are looking for your tribe.  We are looking for you. 

We advise and work for a broad range of clients. Our clients are often also disruptors, looking for interdisciplinary methods, more buy-in from all of their stakeholders, and more conscious governance.  Some are simply looking for committed lawyers with a broad toolbox that is holistic and creative.  (We sometimes refer to that as LawPlus. If this appeals to you, we want to get to know you better!)

Stay tuned as we evolve.