About Forrest Webb

Forrest Webb began as a group of  lawyers and legal consultants with a shared mission and vision.

We set out to transform what it means to be a lawyer through collaboration and exploration of how to make the world a better place.

What We Do

-We are spaceholders for the evolution of law, relationships, and respect for the planet.

-We hold Legal Changemakers’ Cafes which introduce new ideas to the legal profession and provide a place where like-minded lawyers can connect in meaningful ways.

-We are developing a conversation about the law firm of the future.

-We develop and hold trainings for other lawyers and business people to do the work we do.

Who Do We Work With?

We advise and work for a broad range of clients. Our clients include entrepreneurs, startups, companies in crisis, and organizations who want to explore alternatives to the existing system.

Our clients are often also disruptors, looking for interdisciplinary methods, more buy-in from all of their stakeholders, and more conscious governance.  Some are simply looking for committed lawyers with a broad toolbox that is holistic and creative.

We also work with lawyers, legal consultants, and holistic professionals. We seek to connect with those who share our vision to create a more sustainable legal system and world.

We are inventing new models, adapting old ones, and finding ways to practice law that align with our values and purposes.