Other Ways to Participate

Become an Accredited Member:  

This means that you are already a signatory and have been admitted as a member in accordance with a multi-part process consisting of:

  • Completion of an introductory FW educational program;
  • An application for membership – there is a fee;
  • A written recommendation by a current member of FW; and
  • An interview with another member.
  • Acceptance without principled objection by the entire group.

Participate in Forrest Webb activities:

Legal Changemakers Café:

Legal Changemakers Cafes are an international platform to unite lawyers who are bringing about positive change to the legal system. If you’ve ever wondered how things could be different, or wanted to connect to others who see the potential for law to do good, then here is your opportunity to be part of a growing community of legal changemakers. Everyone is welcome to participate in Legal Changemakers Cafes, which are intended for lawyers to connect, learn, and share ideas. There is a nominal fee to cover expenses.

To lead a café, you must be a signatory, have attended at least one cafe in person, and be mentored by one of the current cafe facilitators.  Your mentor will let you know when you are ready to fly solo.


Everyone is welcome at our public trainings. As an international group, our trainings occur worldwide.

If interested in hosting, leading, or collaborating with us on a public training, reach out to the organizing committee. To lead one of our public trainings, you must be an accredited member and be authorized by the organizing committee.


We hold online webinars to introduce attorneys and other professionals to our work, our paths, and discussions of integrative approaches to law; we’d love to have you join our conversation and learn more about what we do!


We have limited openings for apprenticeships, allowing young attorneys or law students to shadow a legal consultant or collaborative group at Forrest Webb. Please send an email if you are interested in learning more.