Forrest Webb

Envisioning a New Paradigm of Law

About Forrest Webb

Forrest Webb began as a group of  lawyers and legal consultants with a shared mission and vision. We set out to transform what it means to be a lawyer through collaboration and exploration of how to make the world a better place.

What We Do?

  • We are spaceholders for the evolution of law, relationships, and respect for the planet.
  • We hold Legal Changemakers’ Cafes which introduce new ideas to the legal profession and provide a place where like-minded lawyers can connect in meaningful ways.
  • We are developing a conversation about the law firm of the future.
  • We develop and hold trainings for other lawyers and business people to do the work we do.

Who Do We Work With?

We advise and work for a broad range of clients. Our clients include entrepreneurs, startups, companies in crisis, and organizations who want to explore alternatives to the existing system. Our clients are often also disruptors, looking for interdisciplinary methods, more buy-in from all of their stakeholders, and more conscious governance.  Some are simply looking for committed lawyers with a broad toolbox that is holistic and creative.

We also work with lawyers, legal consultants, and holistic professionals. We seek to connect with those who share our vision to create a more sustainable legal system and world. We are inventing new models, adapting old ones, and finding ways to practice law that align with our values and purposes.

The Forrest Webb Charter

Our Vision

We envision a world where through the transformative power of law, all people are able to pursue their lives in an authentic way that sustainably serves a more peaceful, loving, and just world. Lawyers are society’s trusted advisors, peacemakers, problem-solvers, and changemakers.

Our Values

As a group, we have inquired into what brings us together and best represents our synergy. Our shared values are:

Cultivating Sustainable Connection – through a sense of interconnectedness, relationship and awareness of self, other, future generations, and the planet;

Being Playful with Serious Intent –  just because we are doing something very important doesn’t mean we can’t have fun together;

Sharing in Abundance – There is enough for me, enough for you and enough for all of us;

Holding onto Truth while Exploring Life – we search for the truth with an open mind that is willing to push the boundaries of accepted thought. We walk our talk with integrity, authenticity and alignment. Transparency keeps us in alignment;

Aligning with Love – and all it encompasses: kindness, compassion, empathy;

Fostering a Community of Trust – by restoring trust, we strengthen our relationships with each other and our clients.

Ways to Participate

Legal Changemakers’ Cafés

If you’ve ever wondered how things could be different, or wanted to connect to others who see the potential for law to do good, then here is your opportunity to be part of a growing community of legal changemakers. Everyone is welcome to participate in Legal Changemakers Cafés, which are intended for lawyers to connect, learn, and share ideas. There is sometimes a nominal fee, just to cover expenses.  The Legal Changemakers Café is not offered for profit.

Legal Changemakers’ Cafes are an international platform to unite lawyers who are bringing about positive change to the legal system. We intend to offer them all over the world and have created an on-line community for those who have attended prior cafés. To lead a café, you must agree to our ACED and have attended at least one cafe in person, and be mentored by one of the current cafe facilitators.  Your mentor will let you know when you are ready to fly solo.

In addition to our in-person LC Cafes, we hold online gatherings to introduce attorneys and other professionals to our work, our paths, and discussions of integrative approaches to law; we’d love to have you join our conversation and learn more about what we do! More info is in the Toolkit at:

Our Services

We are legal consultants for complex matters.

Nonprofits focus on service and most businesses focus on profits. A new wave of organizations is doing both. Many choose to become B-Corps and some choose other containers. But our clients are interested in making the world a better place, being fiscally responsible and prosperous, and being part of an emerging eco-system of changemakers. We know about hybrid legal and governance structures, teal approaches, values and purpose-based legal documents like contracts, transformational models, conscious cultures, and leadership. We can interface with the existing, old paradigm legal system, while pushing the envelope of what is possible (and legal and safe) for your unique organization.


Support Us

We are a volunteer organization with a big mission. We’re part of Open Collective. Open Collective is an online funding platform for open and transparent communities. Financial Support helps to pay the costs of this website (design & maintenance) and our Mighty Network community.  Renaissance Lawyer Society is a 501c3 fiscal sponsor for tax deductible contributions.