Forrest Bayard and Stu Webb

Our original group was called together by J. Kim Wright.  As we talked about our lineage, we recognized that Kim’s lineage was part of ours.  We asked her who had inspired her.  She told us about Forrest Bayard and Stu Webb.

Forrest was a unique individual.  In 1993, Kim had sworn off practicing law (since it was so adversarial) when she met him in a course.  Forrest opened Kim’s eyes to the possibilities of a law practice based on granting dignity to each person and to peacemaking.   When she saw the new possibility, she knew that she could be a lawyer.  Without Forrest, Kim might have still been doing good work outside the law but would never have brought us all together. Forrest passed away in 2002.

In addition to Forrest Bayard, Stu Webb was a big influence on Kim.  Forrest introduced Kim to Stu, the founder or, as they say, the Godfather of Collaborative Law.  Stu is a trailblazer, innovator, and creative lawyer whose model gave structure and form to the peacemaking and healing approaches to law.  Kim interviewed Stu in the beginning of her nomadic travels.  The image is linked to that interview.