Lineage of our name

We started out by calling ourselves Teal Lawyers, based on the work of Ken Wilber and Frederic Laloux’s book, Reinventing Organizations.  We wanted a name we didn’t have to explain. (Well, we failed on that one, but….)

Most of us are used to law firms named with the surnames of the founders.  We didn’t choose our name using that model but we playfully chose to sound like we did.

Lineage is important to us.  While most of us have left the traditional practice of law, we honor those who came before us: the trailblazers, pioneers, thought leaders, and peacemakers.

In choosing  the name of Forrest Webb, our original intention was to honor two members of our lineage:  Forrest Bayard and Stuart Webb .

Nature is also important to us.  We are aware of our interconnectedness with Mother Earth as our source. We wanted to choose a name that reflected the natural world.

We’ve since discovered that our name may have more to teach us about our role in the evolution of this movement.

We especially resonate with the Pando aspen grove in Utah, the largest living being on earth with a shared root system of 106 acres.  It is a symbol of interconnectedness, sustainability, and common interests.