The Forrest Webb Charter

Our Vision

We envision a world where through the transformative power of law, all people are able to pursue their lives in an authentic way that sustainably serves a more peaceful, loving, and just world. Lawyers are society’s trusted advisors, peacemakers, problem-solvers, and changemakers.

Our Values

As a group, we have inquired into what brings us together and best represents our synergy. Our shared values are:

Cultivating Sustainable Connection – through a sense of interconnectedness, relationship and awareness of self, other, future generations, and the planet;

Being Playful with Serious Intent –  just because we are doing something very important doesn’t mean we can’t have fun together;

Sharing in Abundance – There is enough for me, enough for you and enough for all of us;

Holding onto Truth while Exploring Life – we search for the truth with an open mind that is willing to push the boundaries of accepted thought. We walk our talk with integrity, authenticity and alignment. Transparency keeps us in alignment;

Aligning with Love – and all it encompasses: kindness, compassion, empathy;

Fostering a Community of Trust – by restoring trust, we strengthen our relationships with each other and our clients.